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Malcolm Holcombe
Audio Archives: Live at WUMB
Malcolm Holcombe
recorded on June 15, 2018

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Alastair Moock performs in the Live at WUMB Studio.

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Nick Lowe
Tokyo Bay (Single)

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A New Listener's Guide to WUMB
Discover the musical experience

If you’re seeking a broad range of musical experiences, and are excited about discovering new artists and new music – then WUMB is just for you! We provide unparalleled access to great music and the stories behind it. Every day at WUMB, you’ll find lots of live music and artist interviews.

You can get a WUMB New-Listener Pack. Just complete this brief survey. This Welcome Pack will include a copy of our most recent program guide, a bumper sticker, and a WUMB key chain. You’ll also be entered to win monthly giveaways for up to three months after completing the survey, for gifts to include CDs, books, an iPod or an Amazon Kindle.


What’s WUMB all about?
WUMB is a non-commercial, member-supported radio station for everyone who loves original music and the stories behind it.

Does WUMB broadcast every day?
We’re on the air 24 hours/day, 7 days/week

Does WUMB play the same type of music all the time?
We’re a roots-based station dedicated to helping audiences enjoy and appreciate music. Our roots connect us to various genres of music from A Cappella to Zydeco and everything in between. Check out our program schedule here.

Which are the specific programs during which live music and interviews can be heard?
There are many. A small sampling includes:

  • Every Friday at noon and at various other times during weekdays, there are live musicians in the WUMB studios, who create a one-of-a-kind listening experience. Hundreds of performers stop by and play live in our studios every year from Tracy Chapman to David Alvin, and Judy Collins to Jonathan Edwards.
  • Every Monday through Friday from 7:00-11:00pm is the World Cafe, an eclectic blend of contemporary sounds from legendary and up-and-coming artists. There are interviews and live music with everyone from Joni Mitchell to Yo-Yo Ma to Cold Play.
  • Every Saturday at 2:00pm the Mountain Stage from West Virginia Public Broadcasting presents concerts with such notables as Nanci Griffith, K.D. Lang, Rosanne Cash, Bruce Cockburn and Billy Bragg.
  • Every Sunday at noon, American Routes, the nationally syndicated public radio program dedicated to the exploration of American music and culture presents interviews with the likes of Taj Mahal, Elvis Costello, Joan Baez, the late Les Paul and many more.

Where can I hear WUMB?
Depending on where you live, work or drive in Massachusetts you can hear WUMB at different locations on the radio dial. More info here about our various radio signals and signal reception issues.

  • Greater Boston - 91.9 FM
  • Greater Worcester - 91.9 FM
  • Upper Cape Cod - 91.9 FM
  • Lower Cape Cod - 1170 AM
  • Greater Newburyport - 91.7 FM
  • Greater Amherst - 1430 AM

Can I listen to WUMB on my computer, iPhone, Blackberry or other smart phone?

  • On your computer, you can listen through any audio player including WindowsMedia Player, RealPlayer or any mp3 Player. Check our internet help page here.
  • On your iPhone, you can check out more info about the Public Radio iTuner .
  • On your Blackberry; Blackberry users can download Berrytunes

Does WUMB broadcast anything other than music?
WUMB is not just a music boom box. Our announcers have a wealth of information about the music we play and are more like curators who provide a cultural and knowledgeable approach to everything they play and present. However, we do also produce our own weekly talk program on Sunday evening, Commonwealth Journal. The program strives for intelligent, engaging and enlightening conversations with guests ranging from Governor Deval Patrick and former Governor Mitt Romney to a sixteen year-old autistic Jazz prodigy. The show includes topics about how to find mental health care for your children to how the recession is impacting our lives, and the impact of gambling addiction in the Asian American community to alien abductions. More info about Commonwealth Journal here.

How is WUMB affiliated with NPR - National Public Radio?
WUMB is Boston’s NPR Music Station, and carries some of their signature music programs such as World Cafe and Mountain Stage.

How is WUMB affiliated with UMass Boston and who funds the station?
WUMB is owned by the University of Massachusetts, and is operated by the UMass Boston Campus. However, the majority of funding to operate WUMB comes from its members and business supporters, and through federal, state and foundation grants.

Who are WUMB’s Members?
Listeners who recognize the need to financially support a radio station they respect and rely upon for original programming not available elsewhere. Their support allows us to introduce new music and artists to listeners, and to produce entertaining and exciting events. Annual membership starts at just $50. Get more info about making a donation here.

How can I get other questions answered?
Send an e-mail to, or during business hours call 617-287-6900.

Thanks for taking the time to find out more about WUMB Radio.


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