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Charlie Parr
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Charlie Parr
recorded on October 3, 2019

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Patty Griffin is a singer and songwriter whose storytelling and evocative melodies have made her one of the most well-known and well-respected artists in the contemporary folk genre. She went from performing in Boston coffee houses to receiving national praise for her 1996 debut album, Living with Ghosts. At only 16 years old, she bought her first guitar with no intention of making a career out of music, but when her marriage ended in 1992, she started to develop an interest for it. Over time, she gained recognition as a performer and a writer with songs being recorded by Willie Nelson, the Dixie Chicks, Bette Midler, and Miranda Lambert.

Patty Griffin is Griffin's self-titled tenth studio album that has a homey feel to it achieved by the production done by her longtime collaborator and multi-instrumentalist Craig Ross. In songs like "Mama's Worried" and "River", she sings about her female protagonist and the unspoken burdens she has. "She tells everyone she's fine / but she's hurting bad" and "Isn't she a river? / you can't really have her, but you can hold her for a time" are just some of the notable lyrics she writes. "Coins" may be the most reflective song on the album as Griffin recalls her waitressing days and the ugly hierarchy between the hustling, low-wage earners and entitled patrons.

Patty Griffin
Track List

1. Mama's Worried
2. River
3. Where I Come From
4. Hourglass
5. Had a Good Reason
6. Bluebeard
7. What Now
8. Luminous Places
9. Coins
10. Boys from Tralee
11. The Wheel
12. What I Remember
13. Just the Same

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