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From the Desk of the Programming Director

Changes in April

Hi and thanks for listening and supporting WUMB! I wanted to take a moment post-Spring Fundraiser to express my sincere thanks for supporting WUMB. Each Fundraiser we go into brings a bit of doubt and speculation about our listeners. We’re over 60% Listener Supported. Will they respond? Will they donate? The answer was of course, “YES”. Because of your support we reached our goal and WUMB remains strong as we continue in FY19. Now onto more exciting things in the world of Programming! Read More…

From the Studio

A Deep Shade Of Blue Is Always There

Meteorological Winter ends on March 1 and somehow my body can sense that winter is over. As soon as the calendar flips over from February, I get a major sense of relief despite whatever weather is blowing around outside. Read More…

Your Input with the Daily Reflection

I hope you’re enjoying the Daily Reflection in the 6 AM hour of the Morning Show. I know I am! I think it’s important to create a moment – early in a new day – to ground myself, to reflect and find a moment of peace and gratitude. We’re 3 months into airing the new feature, and I’d like to enlist your help and solicit your input. Read More…

So, Maybe NOW It’s Spring…?

–  hello again, pretty sure I mentioned in my last missive that I was excited for Spring to arrive, but…it never came, a tease here or there, so hopefully this month? please? so, a lot on hand this month as far as Highway 61 goes: this first weekend (4/6) we’ll be focusing on the music of the legendary Muddy Waters as well as Stephen Stills’ personal drummer for a while, part of CSN&Y briefly also, Dallas TaylorRead More…

Baseball’s Back/Hanging Out At The Local Music Corner

Happy Spring at last – and welcome to our new (and renewing) members and contributors to WUMB!!!

Baseball is allllllmost here as I write. If you want to have a “Baseball is Back “party, here are some music sources for you. Read More…

The New England Folk Festival

Friends, it’s spring.  You know how I know this?  Not by the weather, to be sure!  But because the New England Folk Festival is rolling around again. Read More…

Singer-Songwriter Roots

Folk Tales spends April tracking the roots of the singer-songwriter. April 6, we remember the Almanac Singers, the ragtag ensemble that started it all for Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger and the folk revival––even though Woody called it “the only group I was in that did its rehearsing on stage.” Read More…

WUMB Acoustic Music Camps

Spotlight on SAMW Week 1!

This July, about 100 folk and acoustic music fans and makers will gather for a week of fun, friendship and non-stop music at WUMB’s Summer Acoustic Music Week 1 at Geneva Point Camp & Conference Center on the shores of Lake Winnepesaukee, New Hampshire.  If a summer vacation making music sounds good to you, here are some of the things you could look forward to at this year’s SAMW Week 1: Read More…

Programming Highlights

April Programming Highlights

Artist of the Week – (9am, 12pm, 3pm, 7pm)
Week of 4/1 Emmylou Harris (born 4/2/47)
Week of 4/7 Lowell George (born 4/13/45)
Week of 4/14 Loretta Lynn (born 4/14/32)
Week of 4/21 Roy Orbison (born 4/23/36)
Week of 4/28 Willie Nelson (born 4/29/33) Read More…

Members Corner

April Member Benefits

The Members Corner

Matching Gifts
Thank you to everyone who contributed to our Spring Member Drive!

I would like to remind all of our Members that you can increase the value of your gift via Matching Funds. It’s a very easy process. Simply ask your personnel department if they have a Matching Gift Program. If so, ask for a form, fill it out, and send it to us. It’s a very easy way that may double the value of your gift! Read More…

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