WUMB January Program Guide

Albert O Needs Your Input!

So…I’ve been mulling over doing an all instrumental H61 some weekend in the near future. I’ve posed the question to a few listeners who were 50/50 on the angle, so I’m presenting the question to you!


Think of the possibilities…starting with John Fahey, moving on to S&G and Davy Graham, Leo Kottke is key, Tom Rush, the Byrds…Fleetwood Mac recorded MANY fascinating instrumentals, there’s also Jethro Tull, the Allmans, the list goes on…I’m sure there’s plenty that haven’t even occurred to me.


So what do you think? Too much? Instead of presenting four hours would two work better? Do YOU have suggestions for angles/features to be pursued in the future?


Be a part of the process, e-mail me at albert.o@wumb.org and we’ll see if this can work.

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