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Fairport on Fairport

As you might guess from the fact that I’m a huge Richard Thompson fan, I’m also a huge Fairport Convention fan. I have all the albums (ALL of them) including all of the solo albums by anybody who was ever in the band for more than a day (like David Rea and Dan Ar Bras.) I’ve also been lucky enough to see them in concert, both here and in the UK, over a 40 year period. Yup, I’m a Fairport fan from the get.

There is a fascinating new book, called Fairport on Fairport, that tells the history of this seminal band in the words of the people who lived it, the members of the band, and fellow travelers from Robert Plant to Ken Russell. The book as assembled by my dear friend Nigel Scofield who not only saw the original line up of Fairport nearly 45 years ago, but conducted his first interview with them the next day. He has done a masterful job in letting the band speak for itself, with pieces of literally hundreds of interviews he has conducted over the years, but by providing the connections and context that move the story along. Let me say that I couldn’t stop reading, and I know how the story came out before I started.


In addition, the book is beautifully bound, a real artisan piece of work, and comes complete with a 45 minute documentary on DVD. The first printing, limited to 2000 copies, comes autographed by all the current members of the band, and I believe there are still some copies left. Friends, this is not cheap, nor should it be, but it’s worth every quid… ah, make that dollar.


Full details here: http://fairportconventionbook.com/


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-Dave Palmater

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