WUMB January Program Guide

The Sounds of Winter

So… with this time of year being when the weather typically has a hard time deciding what it wants to do, I’ve been thinking about how some songs can be more “summer” songs, and others can be “winter” songs, and what it is that makes a song feel right for a given season. I think a lot has to do with the instruments. At the risk of sounding like a complete music nerd, lower pitched instruments make me think of colder weather, and vice versa. A fiddle to me is summer, a cello is winter. A big dreadnought guitar is more winter, where a banjo is more summer. There are no absolutes, but its fun to think about. Melody has a lot to do with it, too. A dark, slow melody done with a lot of instrumentation conjures up the visual of a fireplace in the middle of winter, while a bouncy, light melody puts me right on the beach. Truth is, none of this matters if my memory of where I was when I first heard the song is strong. If I hear what might otherwise be a summer song while I’m driving on a snow covered road, that song will always be a winter song for me. Here’s to the ever changing seasons and the songs that get attached to them!


-George Knight, weeknights 10 pm to midnight


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