WUMB November Program Guide

Spring Fundraiser Volunteers Needed!

The response this year for volunteers has been fantastic! Thank you to everyone who has responded so far, but , we still need to fill some areas in the schedule. 

The time blocks we will need volunteers are as follows:

Friday 3/15 between 11am-7pm

Sat. 3/16 *Highway 61 Revisted 8am-Noon
and between Noon -10pm

Sun. 3/17 *between 8am-2pm and between 2pm-11pm

Tues. 3/19 between 11am-10pm

Wed. 3/20 between 11am-3pm

Thurs. 3/21 between 3pm-10pm

Friday 3/22 between 11am-10pm

Sat. 3/23 *Highway 61 Revisited 8am-Noon and between Noon-8pm

Sun. 3/24 *between 8am-midnight

Mon. 3/25 between 11am-7pm

If you are interested, please give us call at 617-287-6900 or email me, amber.young@umb.edu,  with your availability! Feel free to forward this information on to a friend or family member.

*Weekends are high priority to fill.

We look forward to seeing you!!

-Amber Young   WUMB Office Coordinator

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