WUMB November Program Guide

Steve Earle

The question is not “what has Steve Earle experienced?”, the question is “what hasn’t he lived through?”  He’s really an amazing performer and there’s so much to like about his music.  He was viewed as an outlaw to Nashville and he did everything to live up to that status but along the way ran into horrific battles with inner demons.  The great part of Steve Earle’s story is that he managed those demons where so many of his musical idols did not.  Instead of dying tragically Steve is living a strong, clean and at times downright domesticated life with his wife Alison Moorer…and on top of that is currently making some of the best music of his career.  He’s got a new album coming out in April called The Low Highway.  Steve’s very much a part of New York these days and this new song certainly personifies that.  Here’s the link that you can check out for yourself:


and we’ll certainly be featuring more of the new album as it gets closer to being released.  Thanks as always for listening and supporting WUMB!


-Jay Moberg

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