WUMB February Program Guide

Acoustic Sunrise with Dave Palmater

You might be wondering what’s up with Sunday mornings and Acoustic Sunrise. Well, I have to admit that I’ve had a ball digging back into the dark, dusty (and I do mean DUSTY!) corners of the WUMB music library, for songs, and artists that, at least I, haven’t heard for a very long time. It’s amazing what you find when you delve into the back catalog of folks like the Bills (Morrissey, Miller, and Staines… not the band formerly called the Bill Hilly Band… though them too,) or the Toms (Rush, Paxton and Dundee.)


It’s also been a treat sharing with you recordings by folks we haven’t heard from for a long time,  like Kirstina Olsen, Michael Holland, Heidi Muller and Martin Swinger to name a few. It’s also been an equal pleasure, premiering or previewing new albums by David Mallett, Cormac McCarthy, Stephen Fearing and Martyn Joseph. Of course what would Acoustic Sunrise be without some carefully chosen instrumentals, and songs by Stan Roger, and James Keeleghan, and June Tabor, and Michael Smith, and….. well, you get the idea.


Why not join me Sunday Morning? You bring the coffee, I’ll bring the music. I can’t promise you that you’ll hear something you’ve never heard before, but I’ll bet you hear songs and tunes you haven’t heard in a very long time.


See you Sunday morning, and thank you for supporting WUMB Radio.

-Dave Palmater

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