WUMB May Program Guide

Sandy Sheehan’s Traditional Folk – Featuring Jon Gersh

In the last few months we’ve added almost 1400 new (old) songs to the “Traditional Folk” music library! 
If you haven’t tuned in lately,  you will greatly enjoy this foray into the nether regions of traditional music.
Tons of great fiddle music, lots of blues, bluegrass, old-time country,  cajun, and obscure little mini-features randomly sprinkled throughout the show.  One of the cool new things is the “Worst Country Song Of All Time” candidate each Sunday night around 10pm… there are some real corkers in this category!   Tune in and be surprised, or email your favorite “worst” country song to wumb@umb.edu, and I’ll try to dig it up.

We’re adding more all the time, running the gamut from about 1925 to 1970.  I’ve been having a lot of fun playing these tunes, and you’will too!  It’s all about fun music, though you may learn a factoid or two along the way!  Join me each Sunday night from 9PM to Midnite for a very cool corner of “Traditional Folk”.  See you then!

-Jon Gersh.

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