WUMB May Program Guide

Happy Birthday to Mr. Dylan!

May has got to be one of my favorite months in the year for so many reasons…too many to mention here.  On top of the obvious weather references May is a darn fine month for musical birthdays as well.  Pete Seeger, Judy Collins and more all call May their month….but on the 24th it’s the birthday of Bob Dylan.

Dylan just continues to fascinate me.  While his voice it almost unrecognizable these days, he’s still writing some incredible stuff and is on the road constantly.  Another reason I’m fascinated by his music is the timelessness of it all.  You can say the same for so many artists as well, that their music is “timeless”…but Dylan’s music has the almost unavoidable calling we all go through.  At some point (usually in your younger years) you just start to realize that Dylan is, well….cool.  You hear a song you couldn’t stand the year prior, but now all of a sudden it makes sense…it strikes that one particular chord.  Every weekday afternoon we celebrate Dylan’s music with Daily Dylan…it’s a fun way to really curate the songs, to go deep, to find a rare live track etc…and on top of that we’ll be doing some extra celebrating on Dylan’s birthday May 24th (more details forthcoming).  Finally, I’d also like to make it known we’ll be featuring Dylan’s music at our next WUMB Member Concert on May 29th at Johnny D’s in Somerville.  We’ve got a pretty stellar lineup of musicians including Tim Gearan, Merrie Amsterburg, Danille Miraglia and Brendan Hogan who will all be performing the Dylan songs that inspired them.  So with that, I hope to see you at the show and I hope you have a terrific month of May!

Jay Moberg
Music Director

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