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Jay Moberg’s June Pick

It seems like every year or so we get wind of a young singer-songwriter receiving a lot of attention, sometimes worthy, other times it just might be the novelty of it all.  Sometimes these artists “pan out”, and go on to establish a certain amount of longevity while other times they go as quickly as they arrived.  I can remember a few years ago hearing about this young singer-songwriter out of England…and to be honest I was quick with my skepticism.  The “story” I heard was that she was 16 and looked beyond the part, to the point where she got stopped from going backstage and her very own show.  Well, her name is Laura Marling….and all those clichés come with the territory.  Was she young when she came on the scene?  Check.  Was praise lavished over her in an almost disbelieving fashion?  Check.  Was she labeled a folk darling?  Check.  Well I am here to say that the hype was real, the attention was warranted, and here in the U.S. Laura is not a household name just yet…but she is on her way.  Her songs might make you think of a cross between Sandy Denny with the bite of Martha Wainwright.  From the get go the one description that has always come to my mind, in both writing and performance, has been confidence.  She is the real thing.  Her new album, her fourth, is titled Once I Was An Eagle and is honestly nothing short of spectacular.  Seek her out, listen, then repeat.


-Jay Moberg

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