WUMB November Program Guide

New Music With Jay Moberg

Each month when we release a WUMB Program Guide, the staff collectively thinks of a story, or an “angle” to share with you.  Being the Music Director my instincts always lead me to share new music with you.  The fact is, we’re inundated with it here…we get so many new releases that it’s basically impossible to keep track.  So instead of sharing who’s “up and coming” or “buzz worthy”, I figured I would share with you a very well recognized name.  I remember the first time I came to WUMB and had the venerable Dick Pleasants told me a story about growing up and knowing Tom Rush.  I knew of Tom, but didn’t really know his music.  Because Dick is who he is…he sort of took me under his wing, gave me the proverbial Cliff Notes on Tom’s music, and from there I set my own course to discover what I could about Mr. Rush.  Well needless to say, you don’t need me to tell you about Tom Rush…chances are you already know yourself.  I can however direct you to his new live cd/dvd coming out on the 13th simply called Tom Rush Celebrates 50 Years of Music.  It’s the recording of a magical night at Symphony Hall in Boston.  Again, chances are there is nothing new for you to discover on this set…old and familiar friends, old and familiar songs.  The one thing I can guarantee is that they are as good as ever.

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