WUMB May Program Guide

Summer Leaving

I just LOVE summer nights.  Love, love, love them.  Not sticky humid 90 degrees at 9pm.  Yet warm enough, with just the right amount of comfortable cool to be a welcome relief from flypaper-joke conditions of the day.    There is something so liberating about a warm night.  We usually shut down at night.  But when it’s warm enough to wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes at dark, it’s like the evening whispering in your ear, “go ahead—play a little longer…dance outside to some music…smile a little longer.” 


But I have noticed that the sun has been going down earlier.  And the pink clouds of sunrise over ThompsonIsland in BostonHarbor no longer greet me as I arrive at the station.  The days are still long.  However as we cross over into September, they are clearly getting shorter.  There is no longer any denying it (I have tried).  Summer is slipping away.


Poetry can make this blow poignant, while softening it at the same time.  Mark Erelli’s song August has a line, “there might be light enough for one last swim if we hurry on down to the shore.”  While playing August on the air late last month (August), this line came out and jolted me with a bittersweet memory.  A veritable flashback, if you will.  I did a number of kayak paddles with a friend in 2000.  There was a day late in the season that was beautiful, but a little cooler.  In fact, some fall leaves were developing.  I had a sense it was the last good day for a paddle, so I called my friend.  Thankfully, she didn’t question my judgement.  It turns out she had the same idea.  We took our kayaks to Walden Pond for one last paddle.  After we finished, I took a picture of her gazing forlornly into the lengthening shadows of the Walden Pond trees.


So I hope you can look back on some good summer memories as the season winds down.  Did you have any good live music events?  Maybe you came to one of our free music shows at CarsonBeach with the BerkleeCollege of music last month.  I was at two of them.  And while I really did enjoy the music, I also enjoyed getting to meet some of you there.


Which reminds me of something good September brings:  the return of the WUMB member concerts.  Our next one is Pegi Young at Johnny D’s in Somerville on the eleventh of September.  Let’s bring back the community of music fans that is WUMB.  I look forward to seeing you there.


Until then, have a great last few days of summer.  And thanks for being part of WUMB.


–Perry Persoff.
Morning Show 6am-10am

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