WUMB December Program Guide

Inside Llewyn Davis

What’s your take on the Coen Brothers?  I can’t say that I’m their number one fan…there’s certainly a bunch of movies they’ve done that I completely admire like Raising Arizona and Fargo.  With that being said I’m not the kind of super fan where any film they do a “must see”.  With that being stated, I’m pretty much salivating over their next film scheduled for an early December release called Inside Llewyn Davis It’s a very loose bio on Dave Van Ronk and chronicles his journey from Greenwich Village to Chicago for a one week period.  Again….”loose” is definitely the key word here but there appears to be some really special performances in this movie starting with actor Oscar Isaac who plays Llewyn Davis.  He already played in bands in his younger years, but he went out of the way to learn to intricacies of the style of play which helped Dave Van Ronk stand out.  You’ll be hearing a really nice chunk of the soundtrack over the next few weeks from Nonesuch Records that includes performances from Marcus Mumford, The Punch Brothers, and even the actors that appear in the film (even Justin Timberlake).  T Bone Burnett put the whole thing together so you know it’s solid.  No promises but we’re going to try to put together a Member Event where we can get a screening of this film before it’s released in theatres so keep your eyes and ears out for that!



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