WUMB December Program Guide

Publicize YOUR company & help WUMB at the same time!

I’m sure you’ve heard this before:


I’d like to talk to you if you own a business. I have an idea that would be a big win/win for everyone.


Now here’s the part you haven’t heard:


As usual the WUMB Fall Member Drive takes place this month. It is, as always, a critical one for the station, and we have to reach our fund raising goal to be able to continue to offer the programing that you have come to count on. Over the years we’ve found that the most successful way to inspire people to donate is challenges. That’s when a company, organization or even an individual offers to match part, or all, of listener donations for a period of time or up to a predetermined amount.


That’s where you come in. This is a great way to get your company’s name, and brand identity, out to a select group of potential customers: WUMB listeners just like yourself. Not only will they hear your name, but they will be pleasantly predisposed to do business with your company because of your association with WUMB.


See what I mean about being a big win/win for everybody. You get to publicize your company while helping WUMB raise the fund necessary to remain a part of your life. Now that I think of it, that makes it a win/win/win for your company, the station, and your personally.


If you’d like to get more information about offering a challenge during this fall’s member drive just call 617-287-6900 during regular business hours or write WUMB@UMB.EDU.

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