WUMB November Program Guide

A Time for Thanks

November is that month that, at least here in the US, we give thanks, so this month I want to say thank you. Thank you for listening and thank you for donating. As I’ve said many times, we can’t do it  without you, and it would be really silly to try.

I also want to thank all the musicians who make the music we share with you on WUMB. It’s not easy making a living it this part of the music business and most of these folks make great sacrifices to share their songs with us. Think what it’s like to drive 400 miles (each way) to a gig that pays just enough to cover the gas, where, if you sell enough CD you’ll be able to go home with some cash in your pocket. Their passion is inspiring.

I want to thank all of the people who run the venues where we go to see the performers heard on WUMB. I especially want to single out the member organizations of the Boston Area Coffeehouse Association. I personally want to thank all of the volunteers that make the BACHA venues go. They work hard to bring the music into our communities.

Speaking of volunteers, I want to thank all of the folks who answer phones during our member drives. Not only are they doing something valuable for the station, but it’s nice for us on the staff to get a chance to see, and chat, with them.

As usual, during our recent member drive, our work study students were the backbone of the effort and I want to publically thank Esteban, Annie, Kayla, and Mercedes.

Thanks again, for being a part of the WUMB family. I hope whatever holiday, or holidays, you celebrate this winter are all that you want them to be.


Dave Palmater
WUMB Weekday Announcer/Acoustic Sunrise

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