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October Programming Highlights

Highway 61

10/4 – Steve Miller, Tony Glover, Jim Fielder and Dino Valenti


American Routes

10/5 – Lovers, Brothers and Others: Making Sweet Music Together

10/12 – By Any Other Name… Read More…

October Member News

WUMB Fall Member Drive

This year, our Fall Fundraiser will take place on October 17-27.  As always we’re in need of volunteers to help with phones, mailings and other duties during this busy time. If you’d like to volunteer, please email wumb@umb.edu.

Help WUMB by spreading the word. Invite a friend to become a new Member during our Drive! We look forward to your continued support of WUMB!

For more information on the fundraiser or on volunteering, please visit our website at wumb.org and click on the “Community” button. Read More…

Local Spotlight

You should always support your local music scene and we do just that at WUMB!  We are incredibly lucky to have so many local musicians and we do our best here on the WUMB morning show to bring them to you.  Every Friday morning at 9:30 I do a feature called Local Spotlight.  I’ll feature a different local musician or band, and then we tell their story and bring you some of their music.  It might be Mark Erelli to Aofie O’Donovan to Tim Gearan to Ellis Paul to Lake Street Dive.   Some of these musicians call Boston their home, while others have called it their home for a period in their career.  Whatever the case, I’m proud to call Boston my home and love supporting Local Music.  So please tune in every Friday morning at 9:30 for Local Spotlight.

Always support your local music scene while it’s still local!

Want to tell me about a local musician or band?  Feel free to email me!


Don’t forget, there are couple of ways to support WUMB!

The holiday season is coming up fast with Halloween right around the corner.  Some of you may be gearing up to start your online shopping early, or going all out for the kids trick r’ treating this year.  If this sounds like you, please consider using the Amazon.com link on our website.  A portion of every purchase you make, goes to support WUMB Radio!  No codes, no confusion. Just click on the Amazon box and you’re there!

Another way to support the station is to donate your car through our CARS program.  The proceeds from the auction of your car will be donated directly to WUMB, and also make you a member of the station! It’s incredibly simple.  All you have to do is either fill out the donation form on this page:  http://www.wumb.org/cars/ or call  1-800-WUMB-CAR (1-800-986-2227) and a CARS representative will be on hand to answer any questions.

Any donation great or small goes a long way!

Americana At It’s Finest!

One of the really interesting parts of my job here at WUMB, is to once in a while connect with folks on a national level and meet them at various conferences across the country.  I just had an amazing experience in Nashville last week for the Americana Music Association (AMA for short) Conference.  Networking and talking to other folks across the country is always part of the mission, but it always comes down to the music.  Say what you will about Nashville, but I don’t know that I’ve ever been to a city where there are so many venues, musicians and industry people.  It got me thinking as to what defines Americana? Read More…

Remembering Eric Darling

Erik Darling is one of the forgotten about figures of the folk revival. Perhaps this is because so much of his work was as a part of groups that achieved fame (and hit records,) and as a sideman and a session guy who contributed to dozens and dozens of albums and soundtracks.  Raised in Canandaigua, NY, he came to Greenwich Village in the early 50s, where he formed a group with fellow banjo virtuoso Roger Sprung and Bob Carey (later of The Tarriers) called The Folksay Trio.  This trio recorded a song that folklorist Frank Warner had collected from Frank Proffit called “Tom Dooley” which later became a major hit by The Kingston Trio and started what many of us call the “Great Folk Scare.” Read More…