WUMB January Program Guide

Americana At It’s Finest!

One of the really interesting parts of my job here at WUMB, is to once in a while connect with folks on a national level and meet them at various conferences across the country.  I just had an amazing experience in Nashville last week for the Americana Music Association (AMA for short) Conference.  Networking and talking to other folks across the country is always part of the mission, but it always comes down to the music.  Say what you will about Nashville, but I don’t know that I’ve ever been to a city where there are so many venues, musicians and industry people.  It got me thinking as to what defines Americana?

For some it involves the twang of a pedal steel, for others it means heartfelt lyrics, and for others it means simply putting on a pair of cowboy boots when you sing.  Nashville also got me thinking about all the great “Americana” we play on WUMB and the fact that it’s an important component of what we sound like.  I think of artists like Jason Isbell, Buddy Miller, Loretta Lynn and Emmylou Harris, and how lucky we are that we can play them.  It also got me thinking of “who’s the next big thing?”.  Some say it’s newcomer Shakey Graves, while others think that Nikki Lane will be the next one to become firmly established at the top.

Whatever the case, it seems like everyone has fully embraced Americana and at WUMB we will continue to do so also!  If you have any favorites please let me know…and in the meantime I’ll send a suggestion along to you.  I’m personally loving Sean Rowe.  I’m not sure if he fits a classic definition of Americana…but he was in full force last week in Nashville.  Give him a listen and see what you think.


Thanks as always for listening, for reading, and for supporting WUMB!


Jay Moberg-Program and Music Director



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