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Caitlin Canty and Reckless Skyline

Caitlin Canty is a singer songwriter originally from Vermont who now resides in Brooklyn and has a killer new album set for release on January 20th called Reckless Skyline.  I remember the first time I heard Caitlin’s music a few years ago when I was (of all things) cleaning my office.  This is where you have to picture literally hundreds of cds coming into the station month after month.  It’s very fun but at the same time a very tedious job of going through and trying to spot those that will be hits, those that are duds, and those that are the proverbial diamond in the rough.  After cleaning off my desk I stumbled upon an album called Golden Hour.  I can’t remember WHY I put the cd in…but I do remember being pleasantly surprised.  I realized at that moment that Caitlin is a very gifted singer songwriter and she recorded this album with grace and precise production, the kind of record that sounds perfect on a Sunday morning.


Fast forward to last year when I caught wind that Caitlin was recording a new album, and that she was doing it with Jeffrey Foucault (one of my all-time favorites) as producer.  I like Jeffrey because he’s the opposite of how I just described Caitlin’s music, he’s got some grit in there and strikes me as the kind of artist who probably doesn’t take more than a few cuts of a song on the records he puts out.  So the question to me at the time was, “How is this going to work?”.


Let’s fast forward even further to last week when I very happily received Caitlin’s new album in the mail.  I saved the listen for my favorite place to listen to music…my car.  I drove home that night and was completely knocked out by what I was hearing.  It had all the elements of what I enjoyed about Caitlin’s first record; most noticeably how well the songs were written and Caitlin’s beautiful voice.  The other thing I heard (and loved) which wasn’t on the first album was the spontaneity and grit that I think Jeffrey brought to the table.  It’s really a great listen!  As this note is being typed, we are currently playing some tracks off this record on the air.  Caitlin will also be joining us for an in studio interview on Tuesday, January 27th at 4pm.


I’d love you to give the cd a listen and tell me what you think!


Happy New Year and let’s hope 2015 is another great year for new music!


-Jay Moberg
Music and Program Director

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