WUMB December Program Guide

SAMW 20th Anniversary Gala

In case you missed the news, WUMB will be hosting a Gala to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Summer Acoustic Music Week

The Gala is a benefit for WUMB to help the station continue with community initiatives such as SAMW, and to ensure that we can maintain the radio programming you count on.  We hope to have all of the expenses for the Gala underwritten in advance.  This is where you come in.

We have already received a $12,500 matching grant from a donor who wishes to remain anonymous.  We must receive donations that total this generous amount in order to take full advantage of the pledge.  (We have raised a total of $3,375 so far).  If you make a donation right now, in any amount, it will be matched with this grant.  We will, of course, thank you in the printed program for the event, (if you wish), and as with any contribution to WUMB, your donation is tax deductible up to the amount allowed by law.

The Gala offers us a rare opportunity both to raise additional funds for WUMB, as we look to the future of our unique brand of music programming, and to create a vision for the next twenty years of WUMB’s Summer Acoustic Music Week.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Patty at the station.  We look forward to hearing from you and send our best wishes for a year filled with good health, wonderful music and great happiness.


Warm Regards,

Lorraine Hammond
Music Director, Summer Acoustic Music Week

Patty Domeniconi
General Manager,WUMB
Camp Director, Summer Acoustic Music Week


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