WUMB May Program Guide

The Miracle of Fundraising

Every call we get and every pledge form we receive on line is a small miracle.  It means that another WUMB listener is joining the public radio partnership and supporting something they enjoy and depend on.

This public radio partnership, as it developed in this country, is unique worldwide. It is a true social compact of the best sort. Government combining with educational institutions, non-profit organizations, business and individuals to provide a commercial free, and there for free from commercial influence, broadcast system. There is nothing like it, and it all works because listeners like you support it.

We do not take this for granted. With every song we share, every interview we conduct and every special program we present, we know that we can only do this because of you. For that we are eternally grateful. You have put your trust in us, and we do our best to live up to your expectations.

Since we can never do it often enough, let me say a special thanks to our sustaining members. They are the back bone of support for this public radio network. Because they allow us to automatically renew their membership they save us the costs of processing and postage. This is not an inconsequential amount, and we are grateful. If you might be interested in becoming a sustaining member, there is information in the member’s section of WUMB.ORG.

So one more time, let me say thank you if you pledged during our recently concluded member drive, have every contributed in the past, or are considering making a donation in the future. We can’t do it without you. It is as simple as that.

If you didn’t get a chance to pledge, you should know that all the thank you gifts that we talked about during the drive are still available. Just click the donate now button in the upper right hand corner of WUMB.ORG.

-Dave Palmater


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