WUMB May Program Guide

WUMB Sunday Morning with Perry Persoff

May is a big birthday month for me:
May 1st is my “birthday”/anniversary in Boston (“what brought you to Boston,” people ask me; “my Honda” is my usual response).
May is my “birthday”/anniversary month at WUMB–can you believe it, four years.
And there is one more birthday in May for me…oh right, the biological birthday.

Not that it was designed this way, but the timing almost seems to point to something new.  And Sunday May 3rd from 6-8am, I will be hosting a new show on WUMB.

You know the saying, “mornings would be great if they weren’t so darn early.”  But if you are up early, you are rewarded.  There is a special character to mornings.  That’s especially so for Sundays, “the most relaxing day of the week.” There is a different vibe and atmosphere to the early hours of Sunday…just after Sunrise.

I want to tap into that Early Sunday Morning vibe with the music.  Rare intimate live recordings, favorite storytelling songwriters, some acoustic finger-style guitar, surprising toe-tappers, surprises you may not have heard for a while, and some new music spiced in that fits this atmosphere.  There are a lot of musical side roads this show will take.

Whether you’ll be listening on headphones while still in bed, or you’ll be up-and-at-‘em around the house early, I think the music will blend nicely with your early Sunday morning.

WUMB Sunday Morning (until we come up with a better name!), 6-8am starting on Sunday May 3rd.

Set the clock radio and check it out.

See you then,



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