WUMB December Program Guide

Exciting New Fall Features

I’m writing this to you as we’re about to close down the month of August and look forward to the Fall.  It’s been an incredibly busy Summer and I’d like to share some very positive changes going on around here!


To start, on September 15th both Brendan Hogan and Dave Palmater will add a new daily rotating feature.  Brendan will do his in the 9am hour and Dave’s will be a lunch time feature at 12pm.  I won’t break down the features just yet (still working some kinks out) but they will be terrific I promise you.  These are the kinds of features that take a lot of research and time and we wouldn’t be able to do them without your help.  During the Fundraisers you’ll hear us say that “your money goes towards Programming”.  This is what we’re talking about…we’re investing right back into the station to make it better!


Also I have some big news…we’re bringing back a very popular show called Guest Mix.  It’s going to be hosted by Dave Palmater and will feature specials guests and musicians playing “Guest DJ”.  They’ll pick an hour worth of music and will include influences, songs and artists they admire and more.  It’s great to be able to pick the brain of a musician and find out what makes them tick!  You can hear Guest Mix starting Saturday September 12th at 7pm.


I have more very special news to bring to your attention to…but unfortunately that will have to wait as we’re still fleshing out some ideas.  I’ll leave it at that…but know that something very big is happening!


Thanks once again for listening and supporting WUMB.  Summer is traditionally the time where people relax but I can only say we’ve been very busy over here!  We’re very much looking forward to sharing some of these great Programming changes with you!


All the best,


Jay Moberg

WUMB Music and Program Director

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