WUMB June Program Guide

Local Coffeehouses

As school starts and the weather, hopefully, cools, it is an opportune time to remind you what a great entertainment value your local coffeehouse is.
For little more than the price of a movie ticket you get a full concert and you’re seldom more than six or eight rows from the stage. It’s an up close and personal experience with a world class artist and at intermission you can, for a couple dollars more enjoy coffee or tea and home baked treats. After the show you can take advantage of the opportunity to chat with the artist, and may be even buy a CD as a memento of the evening. What other genera of music offers that kind of access to the performer.

No matter where you live in Eastern New England there’s a coffeehouse near you. They are usually held in a church hall or basement and they are all volunteer run. This is what keeps the ticket prices so low. Most of the region’s coffeehouses belong to the Boston Area Coffeehouse Association and you can find not only where your local coffeehouse is but get listing for venues all over the region by visiting http://www.bostoncoffeehouses.org/. For more concert and club listings visit http://wumb.org/calendar/musiccalendar.php.


Have a great fall and I’ll see you at the coffeehouse!

-Dave Palmater

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