WUMB December Program Guide

Return of the Night Owl

Thank you, Willie Nelson, writer of “The Night Life.”

Summer ended for me with a sudden return to “The Night Life”.  With wacky work schedules over the years, I have not had a night life in recent memory.  Buoyed by the pleasant warmth of late summer nights, this was like a burst of ice cream after a period of austere dieting.

More specifically, it was a return to the (Night) Club Life.  This started with one night that began at a paid show at Johnny D’s in Somerville; from there I walked to a cover-free Toad in neighboring Cambridge, then stopped in at The Burren pub in Somerville while walking back to where I’d started.  The spirited live music kept my own spirits elevated.  And who knows, maybe that “benefits of light exercise” thing was also at work, thanks to these three venues being within a 20 minute walk.  The next day my quad’s were complaining–what, do I have to stretch before taking a walk?  But the rest of me wanted more live music.  So I went out another couple of nights that week.  Thankfully, there are music clubs open past Midnight and bands doing later sets.  This is important when you work until 10 or 11pm!   

A small revelation came to me through this burst of “clubbing.”  Not only are we lucky to have so many talented musicians in the Boston area, we are also lucky to have so many good venues.  Depending on what neighborhood you live in, there may be a few venues within walking distance or short drives of each other.  And being that we have so many good musicians in this area, many venues and pubs with no cover charge often have really good live music available.  Remember, plenty of your favorite WUMB artists started in these places.   You might recall the days of Peter Mulvey busking on the Red Line in Harvard and Davis Squares…

So while you won’t see me on the jogging path, maybe we will cross paths now and then walking from club to pub to club.

Thanks for listening and for spreading the word about what you hear on WUMB,

Perry Persoff.

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