WUMB December Program Guide

The WUMB Music Meeting

There’s not a week that goes by that I don’t get numerous questions from WUMB Members sent my way.  It usually ends up being the proverbial Whitman’s Sampler of questions like “What year did that song come out?”, “who was the singer in the background?”, or “I’ve never heard that song…where do I find it?”  All of course are excellent questions and I never mind answering them…but one of the most popular questions I get is “How do you select your music?”.  So with that, I figured maybe pulling back the curtain and explaining how we select our music might be an interesting topic.

The process is ALWAYS happening.  It starts with the number of cd’s we get sent to the station.  There are literally hundreds….and I mean hundreds!  In the course of a given year I can’t even come close to estimating how many albums we receive but it’s definitely in the thousands.


We get albums shipped to us from many different sides of the music industry.  Some come from major record labels like Columbia or Warner Bros, while others come from smaller independent and niche labels.  Some come directly from the musicians themselves…and some come from people making their first recordings in their basement.  We honestly try and give everything (within reason) a listen.  My favorite place to listen to a cd is in my car during a brutal commute to and from work.  It’s actually a pretty terrific place to review music and keeps me (mostly) sane.


After listening, I try to break the music down into two categories for WUMB.  The first being “is it good?” and the second is “will our Members like this?”  Week to week I usually keep this number to about 10 albums…and then the real fun begins!


Every Thursday we have a Music Meeting.  I invite the staff to come into a cramped office space and we sit around and listen to the songs and talk about them (it’s a tough job but someone has to do it right??).  This is where it always gets interesting because it’s when the debate begins.  The staff at WUMB all come from different walks of life, and we all have our own take on the music that WE like.  But coming together in a cramped office we have to set aside personal feelings and act as one unit.  We talk, we listen…we discuss.  Then again, and again…and again some more.


After about an hour we end our debates and select the songs we’re “going with”.  I can’t express how much fun and how exciting of a process this is week to week.  It’s exciting for us because we know how much great music we’re surrounded by at all times and we get to hear it all mostly before anyone else does.  We get to hear what our favorite musicians are currently working on and we get to hear artists we’ve never heard of before.  Then on top of that…we get to SHARE IT with you!  Throughout the calendar year this happens just about every single week…and if you’re a true music geek like I am you can truly empathize for my situation.


Thanks again for listening and for supporting WUMB.  We simply cannot do this without your support and it means so much to us!




Jay Moberg


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