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In Memory of Michael Troy

michael troy“We lost one of the good ones last Sunday. Michael Troy lost his long, courageous battle against cancer. He was a brilliant songwriter, a kind and gentle man, and I am proud to have called him friend for some three decades. He was a true working class folksinger. More Guthrie than Dylan. He worked hard all his life. He had been a commercial fisherman and a mill hand…..”   read more at the WUMB Blog

Summer Acoustic Music Week Reunion

Have you heard about the WUMB’s Summer Acoustic Music Week, and wondered what everyone is talking about?  Have you come as a camper, and wished that you could see some of your SAMW friends again without waiting a whole year?  Have you come as a camper, and wished there were a way to give your not-yet-camper friends a taste of the wonderful musical and social experience that keeps you coming back year after year? Read More…

December Programming Highlights

American Routes

12/6 – Music and Memories Along the Mississippi: the Lewis Family Museum, Haney’s Big House and New Orleans Jazz Funeral

12/13 – Will the Circle Be Unbroken: Country Strings and Jazz Vibes

12/20 – Remembering Allen Toussaint: A Saint for All Seasons

12/27 – Billie Holiday: Ladies Sing the Blues & Beyond–with Singers Cassandra Wilson and Catherine Russell Read More…

December Programming News

The Holiday Season is officially upon us!   I hope you’ve given a listen to Jess Phaneuf!  She’s our new nighttime host and she’ll be on from 7-10pm Monday through Friday.  She’s got incredible passion for music and loves sharing it…if you haven’t yet, give her a listen!

Guest Mix is ready to return.  It’s been quite an undertaking to launch a brand new show literally from scratch here.  It should be ready to launch sometime in December, so stay tuned for details.  This is a perfect example of what your donations to WUMB go to.  We’re not looking to purchase a fancy new state of the art piece of equipment.  We’re not trying to invest your dollars into future fundraising.  We’re doing what we always say during the Fundraiser which is “your dollars go back to Programming”.  Because of your generosity we’ve been able to gather the resources dedicated to launching a new show.  I’m proud of it, I’m proud of how we spend our money, and I hope you’ll listen to Guest Mix with Dave Palmater when it launches next month! Read More…

End of Year Charitable Contribution

donateIt’s that giving time of year again. Salvation Army bell ringers are on every corner and Toys for Tots are piling up at police and fire stations. For many of us it is the time of year that we sit down with check book and calculator to make our annual charitable donations. As you make decisions about where your contributions are going to go, I hope you’ll include WUMB in your thinking. Read More…

December Member Benefits

memgiftThe Gift of Membership

Thank you to everyone for supporting us this past year! We are all very grateful for your generous contributions, and we look forward to serving you next year.

Still looking for a gift this Holiday Season?  Why not give a year’s Membership to WUMB as a gift to someone you love? Go to http://wumb.org and click on the “donate now” button. Or call our Membership Office at 617-287-6902. We greatly appreciate your support!

Another great way to support WUMB is by donating that old car taking up space in the driveway!  Call 855-WUMB-CAR or visit our car donation page for more information!

2015 Tax Year

Remember that the end of the year is approaching! There are only a few weeks left to get in your donation for the tax year and increase your 2015 tax refund. Donate securely online now at http://wumb.org or call Membership at 617-287-6902.

Thank you again, and have a wonderful holiday season!

Read More…

Guy Davis Live!

GuyDavisThe Summer Acoustic Music Week Reunion is right around the corner, and this year American Blues Ambassador and SAMW favorite son Guy Davis is coming to town!  SAMW campers and WUMB members can see him live in concert on Saturday, January 9, 2016 at 7:30 pm in the Lipke Auditorium on the UMass Boston campus.

If you’ve never seen Guy perform live, you need to.  If you’ve seen him before, you’ll want to see him again!  Seats for this concert will go fast, so RSVP by sending an email to samw@umb.edu or by calling WUMB at 617-287-6900 to reserve your spot.

Let WUMB and Guy Davis kick off your New Year in style!

Give the Gift of Music!

logoThis year why not give a unique gift, one they will remember all year long?  Send your loved one to the Winter Acoustic Music Weekend, February 26-28, 2016 at Grotonwood Conference Center in Groton, MA.  The folk music fan on your list will enjoy a full schedule of workshops, instructor and student concerts, guided and informal jams, all in a beautiful setting nestled in the woods just an hour northwest of Boston.  Lodgings are warm and comfortable, and the food is excellent – with legendary desserts! Read More…


jritAs I sit here shoveling down hot oatmeal on a cold evening, that duality about the cold comes to mind.  There is the shivering chill that makes you pile on another coat in the house (while also living in fear of the heating bill).  Then you have the outside cold air we call “crisp,” which feels invigorating.  Sometimes that invigoration brings out a pro-active sensibility in us.  Call it the excitement or adventure of coming change.  That could be something as simple as the change of season.  Or as profound as a major change you’ve been building towards (a move, new job, marriage, new purchase…).  Like Bilbo Baggins suddenly feeling the flame of adventure well up inside him as he leaves The Shire in The Hobbit, that “invigorating” crisp air can encourage us to embrace life’s ventures more…proactively.

Of course, I could probably put this better if I were, say, a good songwriter.  And as we take your votes for WUMB’s Album Of the Year (up to December 15th), that leads me to one of my Songs Of the Year. Read More…