WUMB October Program Guide

End of Year Charitable Contribution

donateIt’s that giving time of year again. Salvation Army bell ringers are on every corner and Toys for Tots are piling up at police and fire stations. For many of us it is the time of year that we sit down with check book and calculator to make our annual charitable donations. As you make decisions about where your contributions are going to go, I hope you’ll include WUMB in your thinking.

You may not think of a donation to WUMB is a charitable contribution. After all you get so much in return. Member events, the audio archives, members only giveaways, and, of course, the best benefit of all; the satisfaction of knowing that you helped make it possible every time you tune in. But consider this, there are thousands of people who count on WUMB every day, who are not in a position to make a donation. Your contribution, in any amount, helps make WUMB available not only for you and your family but for thousands of others who just can’t contribute. I would say that is one powerful donation.

Your contribution at this time is especially important as we balance the books before the end of the year. And if you make a donation before December 31st, it will be deductible on your 2015 taxes. The process of making an additional, end of the year, contribution is easy. Just click the donate now button at WUMB.ORG and within minutes you will have helped to insure another year of the program you enjoy, not only for yourself, but for everyone.

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