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Return of the Night Owl

Thank you, Willie Nelson, writer of “The Night Life.”

Summer ended for me with a sudden return to “The Night Life”.  With wacky work schedules over the years, I have not had a night life in recent memory.  Buoyed by the pleasant warmth of late summer nights, this was like a burst of ice cream after a period of austere dieting.

More specifically, it was a return to the (Night) Club Life.  This started with one night that began at a paid show at Johnny D’s in Somerville; from there I walked to a cover-free Toad in neighboring Cambridge, then stopped in at The Burren pub in Somerville while walking back to where I’d started.  The spirited live music kept my own spirits elevated.  And who knows, maybe that “benefits of light exercise” thing was also at work, thanks to these three venues being within a 20 minute walk.  The next day my quad’s were complaining–what, do I have to stretch before taking a walk?  But the rest of me wanted more live music.  So I went out another couple of nights that week.  Thankfully, there are music clubs open past Midnight and bands doing later sets.  This is important when you work until 10 or 11pm!    Read More…

The WUMB Music Meeting

There’s not a week that goes by that I don’t get numerous questions from WUMB Members sent my way.  It usually ends up being the proverbial Whitman’s Sampler of questions like “What year did that song come out?”, “who was the singer in the background?”, or “I’ve never heard that song…where do I find it?”  All of course are excellent questions and I never mind answering them…but one of the most popular questions I get is “How do you select your music?”.  So with that, I figured maybe pulling back the curtain and explaining how we select our music might be an interesting topic. Read More…

October Member News and Benefits

WUMB Fall Member Drive

This year, our Fall Fundraiser will take place on October 16-26.  As always we’re in need of volunteers to help with phones, mailings and other duties during this busy time. If you’d like to volunteer, please email wumb@umb.edu.

Help WUMB by spreading the word. Invite a friend to become a new Member during our Drive! We look forward to your continued support of WUMB! Read More…

September Program Highlights

-American Routes


-9/6 – Labor Day with the Ponderosa Stomp

-9/13 – Black Keys and Soul Rebels

-9/20 – John Sebastian and Bonsoir Catin

-9/27 – Chuck Leavell & Jon Cleary Read More…

September Membership Benefits

Weekly Online Giveaways
One of the great benefits of being a Member of WUMB is the chance to enter our Weekly Online Giveaways. Every week, we offer our Members a chance to win CDs, tickets, and other great prizes online.
Here are some of the items we have given away over the past few months:
– CD “What a Terrible World, What a Beautiful World” by The Decemberists
– DVD “For the Love of the Music: the Club 47 Folk Revival”
– CD “The Firewatcher’s Daughter” by Brandi Carlile
– CD “The Blue Room” by Madeleine Peyroux AND a WUMB Signature Mug
To see what we’re offering this week, visit our Giveaway page: http://wumb.org/members/weeklygiveaway.php Read More…

Local Coffeehouses

As school starts and the weather, hopefully, cools, it is an opportune time to remind you what a great entertainment value your local coffeehouse is.
For little more than the price of a movie ticket you get a full concert and you’re seldom more than six or eight rows from the stage. It’s an up close and personal experience with a world class artist and at intermission you can, for a couple dollars more enjoy coffee or tea and home baked treats. After the show you can take advantage of the opportunity to chat with the artist, and may be even buy a CD as a memento of the evening. What other genera of music offers that kind of access to the performer.

No matter where you live in Eastern New England there’s a coffeehouse near you. They are usually held in a church hall or basement and they are all volunteer run. This is what keeps the ticket prices so low. Most of the region’s coffeehouses belong to the Boston Area Coffeehouse Association and you can find not only where your local coffeehouse is but get listing for venues all over the region by visiting http://www.bostoncoffeehouses.org/. For more concert and club listings visit http://wumb.org/calendar/musiccalendar.php.


Have a great fall and I’ll see you at the coffeehouse!

-Dave Palmater

Exciting New Fall Features

I’m writing this to you as we’re about to close down the month of August and look forward to the Fall.  It’s been an incredibly busy Summer and I’d like to share some very positive changes going on around here!


To start, on September 15th both Brendan Hogan and Dave Palmater will add a new daily rotating feature.  Brendan will do his in the 9am hour and Dave’s will be a lunch time feature at 12pm.  I won’t break down the features just yet (still working some kinks out) but they will be terrific I promise you.  These are the kinds of features that take a lot of research and time and we wouldn’t be able to do them without your help.  During the Fundraisers you’ll hear us say that “your money goes towards Programming”.  This is what we’re talking about…we’re investing right back into the station to make it better!


Also I have some big news…we’re bringing back a very popular show called Guest Mix.  It’s going to be hosted by Dave Palmater and will feature specials guests and musicians playing “Guest DJ”.  They’ll pick an hour worth of music and will include influences, songs and artists they admire and more.  It’s great to be able to pick the brain of a musician and find out what makes them tick!  You can hear Guest Mix starting Saturday September 12th at 7pm. Read More…

August Member Benefits

Audio Archives: Live at WUMB

Chris Smither, Amy Black, Pokey LaFarge, Jonathan Edwards. Just a few of the live, in-studio interviews available for listening in our Online Audio Archives.

Take a look! http://wumb.org/audio_archives/

The first two months are open to the public, but older performances are only available when you log in. Forgot your Member Number? Email wumb.membership@umb.edu or call 617-287-6902. Read More…