WUMB January Program Guide

maxresdefaultWhen someone occasionally asks me “what’s the best part of your job?”, I always answer them honestly with “I get my hands on new music before anyone else!”.  Usually WUMB will receive albums well ahead of release dates by weeks and sometimes even months.  Not long ago (think 2014) Lucinda Williams released a double album titled Down Where the Spirit Meets the Bone.  It was an incredibly bold album that showcased her amazing songwriting while also showcasing her skills as an independent songwriter.  Yes, you heard correctly…Lucinda Williams started her own record label Highway 20 Records.  Having built a reputation that has been perceived as occasionally combative in the studio, Lucinda started this label with the intent of putting her own material without a major label having an opinion.

The results are intriguing.  Not even two years later Lucinda is back with yet another double album, the appropriately titled Ghosts of Highway 20.  What does that title reflect?  Does it mean they’re songs that previously didn’t make the cut?  Hardly.  The album is spread out over two discs but only total 14 songs.  What she demonstrates on the record is the ability to draw out a song without being self-indulgent.  The average length is probably somewhere in the 5:30 range.  Some songs are normal length, some reach the 12:00 mark.

This isn’t the kind of album you’ll constantly be tapping your foot to, but I think is a great demonstration of an artist who is confident enough not to care.  It’s a tremendous record to have in the car or perhaps at home with headphones on.  Sink in, listen, and dig deep.

We’ll be playing more tracks from this gorgeous album starting this week and you can purchase it starting February 5th.

-Jay Moberg

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