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Sally Fingerett- The Mental Yentl: Stories from a Lifelong Student of Crazy

Do you remember Sally Fingerett, a talented singer/songwriter from the Midwest? If you do it was probably as a part of Four Bitchin’ Babes. She was a founder member along with Christine Lavin, Megon McDonough and Patty Larkin. Though members came and went Sally was a constant with this performing aggregation. (If you ever saw them you’ll know why I didn’t want to call them a band.)


fingerettSally has just issued a book and two CD set of songs, both titled The Mental Yentl: Stories from a Lifelong Student of Crazy. As you might expect this is part biography and part observation. Mostly observational, it deals with her “crazy” family. It seems that many people have a “crazy” family to one extent or another, just not usually in the clinical sense. When I was a kid I was told that by father’s family was not crazy, they were just Irish. And my mother’s family, being of English origin, were never said to be crazy but the word eccentric were used often. As you might expect from Sally’s songwriting, the book is by turns touching as well as laugh out loud funny.

You don’t need to have the CDs to appreciate the book, or vice versa, but if you invest in the eBook version, as I did, you in many ways get both. At the end of each chapter there are links that can be used to listen to the song associated with that section of the book, as well as one where you can buy the song digitally. I bought the CDs as well, so I can enjoy them in my car. Someday I’ll have a Bluetooth equipped car, but for now I’m lucky I’m not stuck with an 8-Track player.

If you do decide to buy either or both from Amazon, let me remind you to visit WUMB.ORG first and click on the Amazon logo you’ll find there. You’ll be zipped right over to Amazon and while you won’t notice any difference as you shop, there is one big difference: they’ll donate a portion the proceeds of you purchase to WUMB without it costing you anything extra.  Good deal, eh?

-Dave Palmater

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