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Greetings From the Production Room with Perry

Recently some of you have asked me, “Where have you been?”   Thanks very much!   Actually, even though I have not been on the air as much, I have not gone anywhere.  In the last couple months I have moved into more of a production role at the station.  Perhaps you’ve noticed my voice on a few more promotional spots on WUMB; sometimes on many more promo spots. We had a lot of things going on in February…
I really enjoy doing audio production.  And yet sometimes – just like being on the air –it’s all about the music. But that’s been from a perspective I did not expect. Let me give you a few examples:

First, A big thanks to all of you who enhanced your Valentine’s Day and also gave support to the radio station with our candy-filled WUMB mug and a copy of the new Lucinda Williams album, “The Ghosts of Highway 20” . Another thanks to the listener who told Albert O, “I really like the music on those Valentine’s Day promo’s.”
To make those promo’s, I scanned through the songs on Lucinda’s new album, then found a few tracks with interesting rhythms and grooves that I thought would work well.   And in that process, I got a sense of the album.  I got the feeling that Lucinda is really in a creative zone.  This is the second album on her own label – the second album in a row where she is calling all the shots.  It is also her second straight double album.  There are a few very long songs. It sounds like Lucinda and her band just got locked into a vibe and followed it all the way, not pausing to wonder if, formatically, this will be good for a making a hit single. A song or two inject a bit of a jazz inflection into her Americana sound.  So she is stretching out and enjoying the exploration.  If you have a long road trip on the horizon,  “The Ghosts of Highway 20” might be great company for the drive.

If we are doing something with a band we have a history with, I try to embed that in a promo with their music.  With Lake Street Dive, whose new CD Side Pony was our Album of the Month for February.  Sure, I featured cuts from new songs in the Album of the Month promo.  But I also wanted to remember how we first heard the group.  So the spot started with pieces of “Hello? Goodbye!” and “Henriette” from their debut album of six years ago. Which you heard on WUMB back then…when not many knew who Lake Street Dive were. Congrat’s to them on their success and may it continue.

Meanwhile, I look forward to following the music as we rediscover some bands and embrace new ones – whether I’m in the Air studio or the Production studio.

Let me know what you think by commenting below!

-Perry Persoff

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  1. Linda Olsson says:

    I’m sure your production work is great, Perry, but I still really you miss you on the air! Thanks for telling us what you are doing.

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