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Music Magazines with Dave

Hi, my name is Dave and I have a problem. Actually I have many, but I’m talking about my paper problem. Specifically magazines. I just can’t throw them out. I just can’t let go of any of ‘em. Not even the computer magazine that announced the latest thing from Apple: the Mac +. I have stacks of Hemmings Motor News (The Bible of the Old Car Hobby) dating back decades. I don’t know why, at this point in time, I’d really need to know the average selling price of a ’56 Morris Minor in 1972, but I still can’t recycle them.


Though the “paperless age” that we were all promised has turned out to be anything but, my iPad has allowed me to enjoy some of my favorite magazines without adding to the piles of paper that threaten to overwhelm me. I can get electronic editions ALL of the Hemmings publications and all my favorite cooking magazines, from Cooking Light to Cooks Illustrated. And (as he finally gets to the point) I can also get two of my favorite music magazines.


Penguin Eggs (named after a Nic Jones song) is from Canada. Though we sit on the southern side of the longest undefended border in the world, we know surprisingly little about what happens north of us, and, believe me, there is a lot going on. Penguin Eggs is filled with profiles of artists we’ve never heard of but should have, reviews of recordings that, thanks to the ‘net, we can now get, and lots of other stuff. For example, the current issue features an excerpt of Garnet Rogers’ forthcoming book Night Drive: Travels with my Brother.


fRoots was originally called FolkRoots, but about twenty years ago they, along with a lot of other people, stopped using the “F” word for fear of getting pigeon holed. fRoots is from England and takes a very wide view of folk roots music. They do offer extensive coverage of the music scene in the British Isles and about equal coverage of what we might call “world music.” (Is anybody else bothered by that term? I mean world music, as opposed to what?) This issue includes the annual festival listings supplement. It, in itself, is amazing and will probably convince you that a transatlantic flight would be nice this summer.


PS If you are a fiddle player, or a fiddle fan, don’t miss iFiddle. It is free, fun and informative.

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