WUMB May Program Guide

Notes From the Program Director

SAMW Broadcasts and a Thank You

Before I start…THANK YOU to everyone who has donated to WUMB over the past year, and specifically the more recent End of Fiscal Year Fundraiser.  We’ve just started a new fiscal year here at the station and your generous support will allow us to do bigger and better things this year!  We simply cannot say thank you enough.

So far the Summer weather has been terrific and I hope you’ve gotten some time to relax and soak it all in!  We’ve got a LOT of great things happening in the world of Programming that we’ll be sharing with you over the Summer but I wanted to take a moment now to remind you about our upcoming Summer Acoustic Music Week live broadcasts.

If you’re familiar with these…all you need to know is that the time has changed from 7:30am to the new time of 1pm.  If you’re new to the idea of The Summer Acoustic Music Week, I urge you to check out all the information here:  http://www.wumb.org/samw/

SAMW is a Summer Music Camp for adults with instruction from some of the nation’s best players.  We have amazing instructors like Guy Davis, Kate Campbell, The Kennedy’s and many more that do a terrific job of helping other musicians reach the next level.  During the weeks that camp is in session they have a daily concert where the instructors get a chance to play.   I really encourage you to listen to these daily concerts as they’ll give you a little glimpse as to why SAMW is so special.

Here’s the schedule for the upcoming week:

Monday – Rolly Brown and Charles Williams

Tuesday – Cliff Eberhardt and Erica Weiss

Wednesday – Guy Davis and Kate Campbell

Thursday – Chris James and Rik Barton

Friday – Sparky & Rhonda Rucker

So again, these concerts will be every afternoon at 1pm this coming week.  And also a friendly reminder that Week 2 of SAMW is taking place August 14th-20th and we’ll be doing more of these broadcasts that week as well.

Thanks again for listening and supporting WUMB!

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