WUMB May Program Guide

Visit the new WUMB SAMW Website!

For over 20 years WUMB has been sponsoring adult Acoustic Music Camps.  We began with the Summer Acoustic Music Week (SAMW), which was so successful that it quickly grew into two weeks each summer!  Then in 2013 we added a Winter Weekend, and are now preparing for its 5th year.  And this year we are launching the first ever Fall Weekend, as the demand for our camps continues to grow within the WUMB and larger folk music community.  The success of these camps continues to be a source of pride and a significant part of the WUMB mission to provide listeners with opportunities to share and enjoy folk and acoustic music in all parts of their lives.

But with all of this success and expansion, our Acoustic Music Camp Website wasn’t able to keep up – so we have given it an overhaul, and we are very pleased to announce that our new site is up and running!  So please visit wumb.org/samw/, and take a look at everything that WUMB’s Acoustic Music Camp program has to offer.  If you are looking for opportunities to make more of the music you love, you won’t be disappointed!


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