WUMB January Program Guide

The Spirit In the Subway

A once girlfriend of mine once complained about musicians in the subways, saying the city should not allow buskers. As you might guess – me being somewhat of a music fan, right? – that was a red flag…
Well, just the other day I slumped through the subway on the way home from a long day. Walking on the upper platform heading to the exit, I heard the slight tinkle of an old guitar. As I got to the other end of the subway, I looked down and sure enough, there were two musicians. It was a fiddle player and a singer playing an old mini-guitar. She had a sweet voice and was singing some 1920’s to ‘40’s songs of…uhm…bawdy spirit. It was Amy Kucharik, who I have seen playing in and around the area for a while. I stayed for four songs.
Thank you, Amy. You really boosted my spirits. Thanks to all of you street buskers…I appreciate the flavor you add to life in Boston.
Well, Amy will have a show at The Burren in Somerville in September. Which reminds me of someone who has been booking some great shows there for some time now. He is musician Tom Bianchi. And this month WUMB is starting a monthly series at The Burren with Tom’s help. Every third Thursday we will be doing a show there. And broadcasting it live over WUMB. Wow, huh?
The series opens with Christian McNeill on Sept 15th. He’s been in Boston for years. Maybe you remember his earlier band Hybrasil.
For details on our Third Thursday in September series, see our website wumb.org.
Come by and partake in the flavor that live music adds to life.

–Perry Persoff

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