WUMB January Program Guide

WUMB Presents: The Burren Concert Series

For quite some time I’ve been promising some big news and this month I finally get to spill the beans!

WUMB is very pleased to announce a new partnership with The Burren in Somerville.  Each 3rd Thursday of every month (except for October) we’re going to be sponsoring a live concert and broadcast at the Burren.  Tickets will go on sale to the general public for each show, but WUMB Members get a very big discount!

We’re excited about this for a number of reasons but the biggest is to be able to celebrate Local Music.  The Burren has been essential to the local music scene over the years and we think this is going to be a tremendous partnership!

So here are the details:  Christian McNeill (who is incredible) will be our first featured guest on Thursday, September 15th.  If you’d like to purchase tickets you can do so here:  https://tickets.burren.com/eventperformances.asp?evt=75.

Tickets are 12.00 to the general public, 16.00 day of, but WUMB Members only pay 5.00.  Use the coupon code WUMB919

If you can’t make it this month it’s okay!  Again, we’re doing this EVERY MONTH.  If you don’t live locally or can’t get into town you can listen live as it happens at wumb.org.

Can you tell we’re excited about this?  We hope to see you there!


Jay Moberg

WUMB Music & Program Director


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