WUMB January Program Guide

WUMB at The Burren

The kickoff to our “Third Thursday” series at The Burren in Somerville was an exciting night! Christian McNeill & friends played a killer set on the back room stage and we carried the show live on our airwaves. There’s always a neat atmosphere during a live radio broadcast. I noticed folks glancing over to realize that I was up to something, with my mic and headphones in the corner of the room…later, the audience was hushed as the musicians took their positions, and I was ready to do an intro, but we had about a minute before our last song played on WUMB. I stood grinning on the side of the stage, in the somewhat awkward silence, waiting to be cued by Patrick Coman, who was on the phone with the folks back at the station. It only added to that element of excitement…I could tell the audience really felt like a part of LIVE RADIO, which is a rare and special thing these days.

Big thanks to Tom Bianchi, who works tirelessly at the Burren and elsewhere in the Boston music scene, and thanks to Christian for being our guinea pig. We’ve got more live broadcasts to come, thanks to Patrick, who has booked some exciting acts (see below). More thank yous go out to our engineer, Grady Moates, who set up all the tech, and to our Program Director Jay Moberg, who came up with this great idea! We say it a lot, but it can’t be said enough – without listener support, we wouldn’t be able to do these kinds of things, so a big THANK YOU to our listeners and supporters.

Upcoming Thursdays LIVE at the Burren:

10/27 – Samantha Farrell


11/17 – Ian Fitzgerald


12/15 – Miss Tess & The Talkbacks


1/19 – Damn Tall Buildings



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