WUMB October Program Guide

Behind the Scenes on Guest Mix

Back when I first started at WUMB, we used to re-broadcast old Guest Mix shows once a week in the 5am hour, just before the morning show began.  The shows sounded like so much fun.  Dick Pleasants was the host and had an easy rapport with the artists who would pick the music.

Well, after lots of listener feedback – that’s you, by the way – and help from improved fundraising support from you, we brought the show back last May.  Dave Palmater hosts, and has Dave ever not had an easy rapport with artists he interviews in-studio?  I am not a scenester” but whenever I hear Dave interview a musician, I feel like I’m friends with the “in” crowd just by listening (cue the Ramsey Lewis…).  Thank you for that, Dave!  But back to “Guest Mix.”  It’s really been a labor of love to produce those sessions.  With production assistance from Jordan Wuth, who also works behind the scenes on Scott Alarik’s “Folk Tales”, and editing the sessions myself as well, I have to say that the conversations and the musical selections from the artists are very entertaining, and often revealing.  The shows can be a great way to pick up information and background about the artists without taking time to scour the internet. “Guest Mix” is different from most regular interview sessions.  We get insight on the musicians from why they pick certain songs, as opposed to asking them more directly about themselves.  A recent edition of “Guest Mix” really combined the two forms.  And I guess that’s because the artist in question has been around since the days of Woody Guthrie.  He hung out socially and musically with Woody…was a mentor to Bob Dylan…has stories you might not expect regarding Townes Van Zandt.  And he’s still singing and performing himself.  If you think about those artists and their respective eras, they encapsulate a lot of social history.  They all live within the person of Ramblin’ Jack Elliott.

So last month’s Ramblin’ Jack Elliott edition of “Guest Mix” is part radio host and part artist interview.  With that much musical and social history behind him, you can’t separate the two with Ramblin’ Jack.  It’s at times an utterly fascinating episode, as Jack weaves the two aspects as one between the songs and his many stories.

What – you missed the Ramblin’ Jack Elliott “Guest Mix”??  Not to worry.  We’ll make it part of the Thanksgiving Weekend by re-broadcasting it on Saturday night November 26th at 7pm.

Thanks for your feedback.  Thanks for listening.  And I hope you will catch entertaining editions of “Guest Mix” this month with Alastair Moock, Vance Gilbert, and Peter Mulvey!


Happy new month,

Perry Persoff.

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