WUMB October Program Guide

Lunchtime Special

Now that I’ve been doing it for a little over a year, I should probably explain the concept behind the Lunchtime Special. Or should I say concepts, as each weekday has a different one.

Mondays – “Back in the Day”
The music of a certain place in a specific time. Greenwich Village in the 60’s. Woodstock in the 70’s. Cambridge in the 80’s. etc.

Tuesdays – “Live from….”
Live performance recorded at a concert hall, coffeehouse, club or festival. Live from Carnegie Hall. Live from Club Passim, Live from Merlefest. Etc.

Wednesdays – Six Songs on the Same Subject (I really like alliteration)
Pretty self-explanatory. Songs about Cars, or baseball, or the month of November, or songs with the word orange in the title. Actually, I haven’t done that last one yet because it would be kinda stupid…. Or would it.

Thursdays – Songwriters
Six versions of sic songs by a single songwriter done by six different artists. Springstein to Simon. Jesse Winchester to Kate Wolf.

Fridays – Weekend Preview
Highlights from the syndicated live music programs you can enjoy on the following weekend. E-Town, Music City Roots, and Mountain Stage. I think a lot of people miss some of the great music on these shows. Plus, if you aren’t near a radio on Saturday afternoon, at least you’ve head a sampling.

If you have suggestions of a subject, songwriter, venue or place, well, that’s what comments are for……

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