WUMB February Program Guide

Oh Well….Just Start Over…

It’s only the second time in many years this happened. It certainly wasn’t planned to end that way.
It started as kind of a maintenance project…then went out of control. When that happens, that’s when you throw your hands in the air like you just don’t care and say, “oh well, just start over.”

I wonder how many album projects have developed like that. There’s Greg Brown’s album, Freak Flag, that started as a different record – one that was all digitally ready to go on the hard drive when a lightning strike hit the studio and wiped nearly all of it out. Talk about “the warmth of recording to analog tape” by contrast… Well, it’s hard to duplicate your own inspiration. And rather than try to re-create his, Brown came up with ten new songs.  Oh well, just start over.

Mark Charles Heidinger of the group Vandaveer had written a new album he was keen on. He brought it to his band-mate, singer Rose Guerin, and producer Duane Lundy. They were not into the same approach. Along with the extra musicians brought in for the album, they brought in different ideas. Significant gears were changed in the approach.  And the album – this year’s The Wild Mercury – came out in ways different from Heidinger’s initial vision. But an album you like is an album you like…even if you got there opposite of the way you expected to.

Maybe that’s even so with your list of Top Ten favorite new songs or albums of the year. Could you have some that started off doing nothing for you; but then maybe you heard them in a different setting or in a different context, and then…the magic happened? I know it wouldn’t be the first time for me.

Either way, I hope you heard many new songs on WUMB this year that connect you to a feeling or experience.

–Perry Persoff.

Oh, that thing I mentioned at the top of the article that hadn’t happened much in years? The last time I traveled I forgot to pack a shaving blade. After a few days my mustache took on the appearance of a wild tumbleweed. When at last I got a pair of shears and a blade, I hacked off too much stuff…and so for only the second time since I was 14, I simply shaved off the mustache. SIGH…
“Oh well, just start over.”

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