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Coming up on Folk Tales!

June 3, we’ll visit with B.B. King and why he really named his guitars, “Lucille.”  June 10, it’s the story behind “Tom Dooley,” the song that kick-started the Folk Revival.  June 17, we’ll remember the quintessential New England songwriter, Bill Morrissey; and June 24, a look at slave songs, and the remarkable story they tell us about the people who created them.  All this, along with great music and surprises.  Please join me for these journeys to the roots of roots music.

~ Scott Alarik

NEW – Lunchtime Requests on WUMB!

With Jess Phaneuf moving to the mid-day shift, she’ll continue with the 10 o’clock Coffee Break, sharing something different, mostly new music, each morning. She’ll also bring her Producer Spotlight feature to the 11 o’clock hour. And this month she’ll debut a brand new feature for mid-days – Lunchtime Requests during the 12 o’clock hour… feel free to email, call (800-573-2100), Facebook or tweet (@WUMBradio) the songs you’d like to hear and Jess could play them mid-day on WUMB!

WUMB’s Third Thursdays at THE BURREN

I was the host for our Third Thursday at the Burren in May and it was another very special night of live and local music.

Dietrich Strause was our artist and he brought a killer band – Lyle Brewer on guitar, Billy Beard on drums and Zachariah Hickman on bass!

Minor league baseball announcer David Tanklefsky was brought along as well…and did a hilarious “play by play” of the show for radio listeners. Read More…

Family Connection on The Morning Show

For June the Family Connection feature will highlight  brothers and sisters in R&B, every Wednesday at 8 AM.


Come and Join Me on the Dixie Bee Line!

I’ve been collecting old hillbilly music since the early 1970’s… and the more obscure, the better!  My collection ranges from the dawn of recorded music (early 20th century) to the current day… but the real focus lies before 1970…. this month (like many other months) we’ll be doing a deep dive into what I call the “Full Hillbilly Spectrum”, which would include vintage country blues, bluegrass, old-time country, Country & Western, LOTS of western swing (really a lot like early jazz), Honky-Tonk, Rockabilly, truck-driving, and drinking songs.  Oh yes, lost love and lots of small critters and barnyard animals.  Lots of antiquated double-entendres, CB radio lingo, etc!  So do drop in to the Dixie Bee Line, Saturday evenings from 10 PM till midnight.  I do this for the fun, and you will be drawn into the fun, guaranteed!

~ Jon

WUMB Moments (some of mine, and how about some of yours…)

So when last we left each other, I had copped to the fact that I was about to turn six years at WUMB.  And now that I have, well, what a way to tempt the Gears of Looking Back to lubricate themselves.  I think I hear them squeaking now (referencing sound effects in print isn’t so strange…not when it’s from a sound production guy).

And while I might entertain you with a few of my special WUMB moments, what would really be interesting is to compare your WUMB moments.  They could be your responses to a song or artist the first time you heard them, an experience at a WUMB Member concert, or at a show by a group you first heard on the station.  Maybe we have some special WUMB moments in common.  Alright, here goes with some of mine… Read More…

June Program Highlights

Acoustic Sunrise
6/4 – Birthdays for Kasey Chambers and Slaid Cleaves. New releases from Jason Isbell and more
6/11 – Birthdays for David Gray and Iain Matthews. Live in studio session from Alastair Moock
6/18 – Birthdays for Patty Larkin, Mark Erelli and Kathy Mattea. Live session from The Steel Wheels
6/25 – Birthday tribute to Dave Van Ronk. A live in studio session from Tom Rush.

Celtic Twilight
6/4 – Spotlighting Kevin Burke. He is one of the finest fiddlers in traditional music
6/11 – Celebrating the birthday of Andy Irvine, Irish folk musician, founding member of Planxty
6/18 – Father’s Day! We honor the dads who have recorded albums with their daughters
6/25 – Masters of the accordion. We showcase the expertise of John Whelan, Mick McAuley and the legendary, Jackie Daly. Read More…

A Word (or two) from Bennett Hammond….

Have you seen the line-up for this season’s Summer Acoustic Music Weeks? I mean…!  And even so, it may astonish you to learn, some openings for July’s Week One are available. I assume you have your reservation already, but perhaps you know of someone who could use a week of total immersion, up close and personal, with artists and teachers who truly represent American folk-and-acoustic music. It’s a lot to live up to, yes. But you know SAMW: these people can do it. Read More…

A Second Generation Virtuoso Comes to Camp

This year we have the great fortune to be bringing Alonzo Pennington to Week 1 of our Summer Acoustic Music Weeks (SAMW), July 9-15 at Geneva Point Conference Center on Lake Winnipesaukee.

Some will remember Alonzo’s father, Eddie Pennington, teaching guitar at camp some years ago, and now Alonzo is carrying forward the great Kentucky thumbpicking fingerstyle guitar tradition as a world-renowned player in his own right.  He is a 3-time International Thumbpicking Contest Grand-Champion, and a past National Thumbpicking contest winner.  But Alonzo is equally at home playing country, bluegrass, R&B, even rock and jazz — if the music is good, it’s good for him! Read More…

June Member Benefits

The Members Corner

Automatic Installments Through Your Bank

Did you know that you can set up automatic payments directly through your own bank? Most banks now have an Online Bill Pay option where you simply schedule payments designating WUMB Radio as a recipient, and your bank will send the payments automatically.

Why is this a good option?
– This eliminates any credit card fees for the station.
– You never have to worry about updating your credit or debit card when it expires or changes.
– It’s automatic. Once you set it up, your bank does all the work.
– You have control over when you want the funds to be sent from your account.
Monthly? Quarterly? Biweekly? You can even set the date each month.
– You can upgrade or update your contribution at any time by contacting your bank. Read More…