WUMB May Program Guide

A Word (or two) from Bennett Hammond….

Have you seen the line-up for this season’s Summer Acoustic Music Weeks? I mean…!  And even so, it may astonish you to learn, some openings for July’s Week One are available. I assume you have your reservation already, but perhaps you know of someone who could use a week of total immersion, up close and personal, with artists and teachers who truly represent American folk-and-acoustic music. It’s a lot to live up to, yes. But you know SAMW: these people can do it.

Tell your round-shouldered friend that we got the music that first made America Great – the Great American Songbook, and some simple swing guitar to play the classics with. Know anyone who wants to write their own songs?  We’ve got that. If they want to begin guitar, we can get them started; and Alonzo Pennington, Eddie’s son, will finish them off, whether they thumb-pick or flat-pick.

Someone you know could probably use some contra dancing, and don’t forget the Wednesday night Barn Dance. Maybe they just want to sing, or maybe they want to sing Balkan! Or learn to play blues harp, and how to tell stories. Maybe they just want to sit and listen to David’s deep acoustic rock’n’roll groove on the Inn porch every morning, watching the mountain pass (they could do that from the beach or the float, too, of course, but without the music).

Techies might explore the care-and-feeding of sound systems; folkies have fiddle and dulcimer and mandolin; blues-hounds have Mississippi John Hurt’s guitar; Britophiles have Celtic fingerstyle guitar. Anyone who knows the alphabet from G to F# might enjoy Practical Music Theory. Of course, no one has to do anything. Because the beach alone would be worth the whole thing, the rest is gravy.

Did I skip anything? Oh, yeah: Wednesday and Friday night dinners are barbecue cook-out!

~ Bennett

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