WUMB February Program Guide

Come and Join Me on the Dixie Bee Line!

I’ve been collecting old hillbilly music since the early 1970’s… and the more obscure, the better!  My collection ranges from the dawn of recorded music (early 20th century) to the current day… but the real focus lies before 1970…. this month (like many other months) we’ll be doing a deep dive into what I call the “Full Hillbilly Spectrum”, which would include vintage country blues, bluegrass, old-time country, Country & Western, LOTS of western swing (really a lot like early jazz), Honky-Tonk, Rockabilly, truck-driving, and drinking songs.  Oh yes, lost love and lots of small critters and barnyard animals.  Lots of antiquated double-entendres, CB radio lingo, etc!  So do drop in to the Dixie Bee Line, Saturday evenings from 10 PM till midnight.  I do this for the fun, and you will be drawn into the fun, guaranteed!

~ Jon

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