WUMB May Program Guide

WUMB Moments (some of mine, and how about some of yours…)

So when last we left each other, I had copped to the fact that I was about to turn six years at WUMB.  And now that I have, well, what a way to tempt the Gears of Looking Back to lubricate themselves.  I think I hear them squeaking now (referencing sound effects in print isn’t so strange…not when it’s from a sound production guy).

And while I might entertain you with a few of my special WUMB moments, what would really be interesting is to compare your WUMB moments.  They could be your responses to a song or artist the first time you heard them, an experience at a WUMB Member concert, or at a show by a group you first heard on the station.  Maybe we have some special WUMB moments in common.  Alright, here goes with some of mine…

Goosebump moments from WUMB Member Concerts
Barnaby Bright at Johnny D’s (husband and wife Nathan & Becky Bliss):
–I wasn’t expecting much more than a pleasant show.  They blew me away with their musicianship, harmonies, and Becky’s harmonium playing.

The Stray Birds on campus at UMass-Boston:
This was in support of their debut album.  What we got a taste of that night is mere normalcy for this trio:  leaving jaws hanging in the wake of their live performances.

John Fullbright at the Narrows Center for the Arts:
He made me feel like the future of music was in very good hands…

WUMB in-studio sessions
Jay Moberg interviewing Jim Lauderdale:
The interview was mostly Jim telling hysterically funny stories…and Jay gasping for breath from laughing so hard.

The Head & The Heart:
This was during my first year at the station.  I was in the hall outside the station when someone came by asking where the restroom was.  So I took him down the hall to show him.  Around the corner from there I heard sounds coming from a nearby stairwell.  The sounds pulled me in like a tractor beam.  By now, you know I love harmonies.  What I found in the stairwell was the band warming up for their in-studio session.  The stairwell provided some gentle reverb for their harmonies.  It was pretty amazing.  I stepped out to let them finish and then guide them to the studio when it was time.  When I walked out, there were a few students who had gathered, attracted by those pretty harmonies.  I was only too happy to tell them the name of the band (and the name of the radio station who was playing them, hint-hint).

Dave Palmater’s interview with Judy Collins:
I was driving around Central Square, Cambridge looking for potential apartments when Dave’s interview with Judy Collins came on my car radio.  “OK, I’ll listen for ten minutes; then I’ve got stuff to do.”  Sure enough, I parked the car and listened…and listened.  Judy’s stories, her insistence that she wasn’t going to sing but kept singing little bits of songs as part of her stories, lots of things that made me laugh a lot.  Yeah, so much for my self-discipline.  I sat in the car and listened to the entire interview.  I’d like to thank my car battery for being so tolerant that day.

OK, this is just a smidgen of stories (hey, doesn’t that sound like a good album title: A Smidgen of Stories), and I could probably pull more out all night.  When I go to sleep, I’ll likely recall lots of Albert O interview moments, and moments where I could not get out of the car while hearing compelling songs and artists for the first time on WUMB.  Now it’s your turn.  Let’s share WUMB moments.  Then let’s have a toast to more WUMB moments to come.

See you then,


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