WUMB October Program Guide

Got a Suggestion for Highway 61 Revisited?

Even the casual listener to H61 notices that on occasion we do special ‘themed’ shows. Annually we acknowledge Dylan’s birthday with four hours of Dylan songs and covers. We always do an all Christmas show. We’ve been known to broadcast all Valentine’s, Thanksgiving and July 4th as well. Not to mention, four hours of shows that focus on a specific year such as 1965 or ’66 or ’67. We’ve even done all Canadian broadcasts, all instrumental shows and the very popular long-song show as well (another coming soon!). So my question is: do you, our faithful H61 listener have an idea for a future themed show that is both unique and of interest to your fellow H61 listeners? If so, don’t hesitate to e-mail me at albert.o@wumb.org…thanks much!

~ Albert O.

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