WUMB December Program Guide

Producer Spotlight with Jess Phaneuf

Jess has been focusing on a different producer each week on the Producer Spotlight. Listen in as she talks about the producer of the week and plays something they’ve worked on. On Fridays it’s an entire set of music to wrap up the feature. For example, the month of June was focused on regional producers like Zachariah Hickman, Lorne Entress and Crit Harmon. 

Jess had a chance to chat with drummer and producer Lorne Entress, who’s worked with Lori McKenna among others, and most recently played drums on Tracy Grammer’s forthcoming self-produced album.  He said, “Producing allows me to be completely involved in every aspect of making a record.  I also really enjoy helping artists make records that they LOVE.  It’s very difficult for artists these days, with the need for constant self promotion etc.  So having a record they love to share and promote is extremely valuable to them.”

So tune in all this month to hear Jess feature the work of the artists who are steering the wheel for your favorite musicians, Monday – Friday at 11:20am!

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