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Summer of the “Stockpiled” Songs

If we let ourselves go to that blissfully ignorant place of pure impulsive reaction, it can seem like an artist is stockpiling songs on us: playing songs on stage that stick with us – and are not on an album. Some artists appear to do this on a nearly regular basis. For example, it no longer surprises me for Robyn Hitchcock to perform a song that won’t appear on an album for two years.

Of course, the musicians are not really stockpiling songs to toy with us. Sometimes they have not created the right album or project for a song to fit on. We read of this sort of thing quite often. In the case of independent artists who don’t have the budget of a major label behind them, it probably means they simply have not had the money and/or time to record an album for that song you fell in love with two years ago…and cannot find on an album.

This summer, a few projects with songs you may have seen performed live are finally coming to recorded fruition. I’m pretty excited about them…and crossing my fingers that they turn out as well in recorded form as when I first heard them live.

Something like three years ago, I saw Dan Blakeslee perform a song that comes off as simple yet struck me as genuinely profound. It’s called No Sense in Wasting Time. Yeah, too often I need to remind myself of that. Because when you need some idle time for yourself, it’s not a waste. I’ve seen him perform it in the subway since (I later saw another artist perform it in the subway). I asked Dan then which album it’s on. “Oh, it’s not on one yet, but it will be on the next one.” For the times we’ve had that same exchange again, Dan probably thinks I’m the kid in the back seat repeatedly asking “are we there yet?!?” Well, the album just came out. And I was grinning from ear to ear when Dan played the song at our 3rd Thursday At The Burren show last month.

Greg Klyma pulled out a song about two years ago when he opened for Stan Ridgeway that made my eyeballs go “wow.” It was a beautiful tribute to Kris Kristofferson’s songwriting style. “Greg, you gotta record that,” I told him (easy for me to say). A year after that we were both at a gathering. He pulled out his guitar and said he wanted to try out some new songs on us. One of them in particular really stayed with me. After seeing him play it at a show a week later I said to him, “Greg, you gotta record that!” Again, I must have seemed like the “are we there yet” kid. Well, the wait is over as of August. That’s when Greg’s new album comes out. I’ve heard it and think it’s been worth the wait. Solid album through and through. Oh yeah, some guys named Peter Case and Gurf Morlix are on it, too.

More albums from Boston area artists I am intrigued about:
For the last year plus, Celia Woodsmith of Della Mae and Chris Hersch formerly of Girls Guns & Glory have played a lot of shows as a duo. They have a six song CD coming out. They are calling themselves Say Darling.

Susan Cattaneo will soon release a double CD. In addition to her pretty fabulous band (Jimmy Ryan, Michael Bean, Jamie Walker, Richard Gates, Renee Dupuis, Andrew Jones), she has been gigging with the one and only Bill Kirchen. You know Bill. He’s the rockabilly guitar madman from Commander Cody’s Lost Planet Airmen. Bill’s on the new album, too.

Amy Fairchild – also of the band Miriam – just put out a new solo CD. Some good pop sounds…but watch out for the stripped down songs at the end. They’re quiet, but they’ve got punch.

So the waiting is over for some highly anticipated albums from our fertile Boston area music scene. Let our ears rejoice.

~ Perry

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