WUMB December Program Guide

August and Beyond…!

I simply can’t believe how fast time flies, and how we’re already into the month of August here at WUMB.  I hope you’re enjoying Summer and that it’s not going by too fast!  A couple of notes from the desk of the Program Director:

I wanted to make sure you get an invite to see Will Dailey performing in Martha’s Vineyard on September 23rd.  Keep a watch out on the air, through our website and social media on how to sign up.  This will be a completely free show for Members and Non-Members on the Island…just a way for us to say thanks!

And I am simply thrilled with the success of our 3rd Thursday Concert Series at the Burren.  We’re going to be taking off the month of August but we’re back in September with a completely new schedule for the Fall and beyond.  This is a tremendous way to experience and support live music!  If you’re a Member of WUMB you get your ticket at half off!  Just go to our website to find out more about our series with The Burren if you haven’t already!

I lastly wanted to take a second to thank Dave Palmater for over 25 years of service.  Wow.  Just typing that I am humbled by the dedication Dave has shown to WUMB over the decades.  When I first arrived at WUMB in 2008 Dave was the kind of host whom I was immediately intimidated by.  Not only was his mere presence formidable, but so was his knowledge of Folk music.  What I learned over the years however, is that Dave is as kind as he is knowledgeable.  He helped me considerably when I first arrived, giving me primers on artists like Bill Morrissey, Michael Troy and John Gorka.  It will be hard to imagine WUMB without Dave’s presence, but like the cliché goes…nothing lasts forever.  I just wanted to take a moment to say “thank you” and “good luck” to our friend Dave.

So again, I hope you enjoy the rest of your Summer and I’m very excited about all things in store for WUMB in the Fall and more!

~ Jay

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